In association with the Society, the Museum of Farnham’s Reading Room contains an almost complete bound set of Cobbett’s Political Register, as well as a large collection of Cobbett’s works and books about Cobbett. The Museum of Farnham: 38 West Street, Farnham GU9 7DX Telephone: 01252 715094.


The Museum is open Tuesdays to Saturday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. Tel: 01252 715094.
The following books are held on open shelves in the Reading Room of the Museum.
Bound volumes of The Political Register
An almost complete set of the first 72 volumes of the Political Register, beginning with Volume 2 June 1802 and ending with Volume 72 June 1831, donated by members of The William Cobbett Society.
Vol 63 January-December 1829 in a cardboard box, will be put on an open shelf.
The few missing dates are as follows:-
July-December, 1808
January-March, 1823
October-December, 1824
April-June, 1826
July-September, 1827
A complete set of 22 volumes of William Cobbett’s
State Trials 1809-1812
Books by William Cobbett
A French Grammar 1824
A History of the Last Hundred Days of  English Freedom 1817 (2 copies)
A History of the Protestant Reformation 1824 (2 copies)
A Treatise on Cobbett’s Corn 1828
A Treatise on Cobbett’s Corn 1828
Advice to Young Men
Cobbett’s English Grammar 1818 (2copies)
Collective Commentaries 1822
Cottage Economy 1822 (2 copies)
English and French Dictionary 1833
Journal of a Year’s Residence in the United States 1818
Legacy to Labourers 1835
Legacy to Parsons 1835
Legacy to Peel  1835
Letters from William Cobbett to Edward Thornton 1797-1800 edited by G D H Cole 1937
Life and Adventures of Peter Porcupine 1796
Manchester Lectures 1832
Paper Against Gold 1815
Surplus Population 1831
The American Gardener 1821
The Emigrants Guide 1829
The English Gardener 1818
The History of the Regency and Reign of George lV 1830
The Woodlands 1825
Tour of Scotland 1833
Tuppenny Trash 1830-2
Political registers
Books donated by Knight family:
Vols. 6, 8, 9,10, 11, 12, 23,25, 33
Beauties of William Cobbett – Weekly Register
Vols. 42 no 5 to Vol 48 no4, 1822-1824
Vol. 48 May to October 1823 (C Clement)
Vols. 49-61, January 1824 to March 1827 (C Clement)
Vols. 49 no 4 1824 to 61 no 10
Vols. 62 to 70 April 1827 to December 1830
Vols. 62 to 70, no 24 1830
Vols. 71 to 78, January 1831-October 1832
Vols. 71 no 3 to 78 no 2, 1832
The Political Register
Books donated by Mrs Evelyn Cobbett
vol. 53 no1
vol. 54 no13
vol. 59 no1
vol. 61 no1
vol. 62 no 13
vol. 63 no1 (this is one of those vols. missing on open shelves),
vol. 64 No 14 (includes list of American plants and seeds for sale by William Cobbett at Kensington.
The Life of William Cobbett
(see list, in cupboard)
Books by William Cobbett
(In cupboard)
A French Grammar; “New Edition” by William Cobbett 1829, pub. The Author, 183 Fleet Street, London (rebound)
A French Grammar; 9th edition by William Cobbett 1844,  Anne Cobbett pub.137 Strand (rebound)
A French Grammar; by  William Cobbett 1824, pub. Charles Clement, 183 Fleet Street, London (rebound)
A Year’s Residence in USA; Part 1 (of 3) third edition 1828, pub. The Author, 183 Fleet St, London (rebound)
An English Grammar (No title page) William Cobbett 1818, Pub. Long Island (rebound)
Cobbett’s Legacy to labourers; pub.11 Bolt Court London 1834 (rebound)
Cobbett’s Legacy to Parsons; 1835, third edition, by William Cobbett; pub. 11 Bolt Court, London (rebound)
Elements of Reform; by William Cobbett 1809, pub. T Gillet, 7 Crown Court (rebound)
Legacy to Parsons; by William Cobbett 1835 (4th edition) pub. 11 Bolt Court, London
The English Grammar; by William Cobbett, pub. Richard Griffin & Co, London & Glasgow (No date) (rebound)
The Life of William Cobbett by himself; 1809, pub. B McMillan, Bow St, London for T. Purday & Son (in case)
Books by Anne and James Paul Cobbett
A Tour of ltaly 1830; and A Latin Grammar1848.
Anne’s Account of the Family edited by Biddell, Chun and Townsend 1999
Cobbett’s Parliamentary History
Various edited selections from William Cobbett
A History of the Protestant Reformation; abridged by Hugh Arnold 1995
An Autobiography of William Cobbett; edited by William Reitzel 1933 (2 copies)
Cobbett Selections with Hazlitt’s Essays and other Critical Estimates; edited by A D M Hughes 1925 (3 copies)
Cobbett’s England; Selections edited by John Derry 1968
Cobbett’s Country Book: An Anthology
Selections from Cobbett’s Political Works; edited by John and James Cobbett vols1-6 1837
Biographies and books about William Cobbett
Adventures of William Cobbett; by Richard Ingrams 2005
Biography of John Wilkes and William Cobbett; by J Selby Watson 1870
Cobbett in lreland; by Denis Knight 1984 (2 copies)
Cobbett; by G K Chesterton 1926
Cobbett; by Raymond Williams 1983
Cobbett’s Tour of Scotland; edited by Daniel Green 1984
Great Cobbett: The Noblest Agitator; by Daniel Green 1983 (2 copies)
Memoirs of the Late William Cobbett; by Robert Huish 1836
Not by Bullets and Bayonets; Cobbett’s Writings on the lrish Question; by Molly Townsend 1983
Peter Porcupine; by Marjorie Bowen 1935
Rural Rides revisited; a photographic Exploration; by Laurance Vulliany 1977
Table Talk; by William Hazlitt 1909
The Jolly Farmer, William Cobbett in Hampshire 1804 to 1821 by Barbara Bidell 1999
The Life of William Cobbett; by G D H Cole 1924 (2 copies)
William Cobbett, A Bibliographical Account by M L Pearl 1953
William Cobbett, Englishman;  by Anthony Burton 1997
William Cobbett,The Poor Man’s Friend; by George Spater 1982 (2 Copies)
William Cobbett; by E I Carlyle 1904
William Cobbett; by James Sambrook 1973 (2 copies)
William Cobbett; by W Baring Pemberton,1949 (3 copies,1 rebound)
Political Register (duplicates)
(On open shelves)
vols. 15,17,18,19,21,22,23,33,34,37,41,42,43
Rural Rides
(on open shelves)
Rural Rides 1893, 2 vols (Pitt, Cobbett)
Rural  Rides Intro. by A S A Briggs 1912 2 vols. pub. Everyman
Rural Rides illustrated Christopher Morris 1992