The Society

The William Cobbett Society was founded in 1976 to bring together those who have an interest in the life and writings of William Cobbett. A passionate defender of the freedom of the press, Cobbett was prepared to defend it at the cost of imprisonment and exile.
“He is not only unquestionably the most powerful political writer of the present day, but one of the best writers in the language. He speaks and thinks plain, broad, downright English.  The only time I ever saw him he seemed to me a very pleasant man: easy of access, affable, clear-headed, deliberate and unruffled in his speach… I certainly did not think less favourably of him for seeing him.”
Hazlitt’s Essay on Cobbett, published in his table talk,1821
Among the Society’s activities are:
An Annual Memorial Lecture

In 2017 the date of the lecture is to be Friday 6 October

An Annual Rural Ride

A coach-trip, retracing routes taken by Cobbett on his Rural Rides, Sunday  2 July 2017, with readings and commentaries by Richard Hinxman.

 An annual journal, “Cobbett’s New Register”
containing articles on Cobbett’s life and times, and the text of the Memorial Lecture.
An annual General Meeting

The Membership Subscription is £10 payable on 1st October.

You can pay either by cheque (to “The William Cobbett Society”) or by Standing Order.
One subscription will cover a family. If you pay by cheque and you join in mid-year, your first payment need only be pro rata to the nearest £1 to take you up to the following 1st October.
If you pay by Standing Order (the preferred method) you become a member from the date of enrolment, but your first payment will not be due until the 1st October following, up to which date you enjoy free membership.
Please print an application form and post to the Membership Secretary.
(Please print and post to the Membership Secretary)
To:Stewart Edge,
28, Beavers Road, Farnham Surrey GU9 7BD
01252 716372
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Please pay on the first day of October each year the sum of £10 (Ten Pounds) commencing on 1st October 20___ (year) until further notice, quoting
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Payments to be made to “The William Cobbett Society”
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