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This Happy Land: William Cobbett on America 1794-1835
by Molly Townsend
£15 (£10 to members) plus p&p £3.00.
Facsimile of Cobbett’s Weekly Political Register for March 25 1820,
[the Coventry Election]
£2 incl. p&p
The Jolly Farmer? William Cobbett in Hampshire 1804-1820
by Barbara Biddell
£3 plus p&p £1.50
This Hampshire Paper No 15 was published in 1999 by the Hampshire Record Office. It is a detailed study of Cobbett’s life in Hampshire and of his own farming policies, tree planting and relationship with his labourers and the poor in the parishes.
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The Life of William Cobbett by Himself    £4.50 plus p&p £1.50
A faithful copy, beautifully produced by our printer, Trevor Purnell, of the edition first published by Cobbett in 1796, reprinted by Cobbett in 1809 . This book was first written and published by Cobbett when he was living in America and writing in support of the republicans and against the democrats who supported the French Revolution. In it Cobbett refutes the rumour that he was in the pay of the British Government.
(It is enhanced by a coloured cartoon by James Gillray of Cobbett volunteering as a soldier.)
Two Cocks on the Dunghill
by Penny Young     £13 plus p&p £2.
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Two Cocks on the Dunghill is an account of the extraordinary relationship between two leading radical reformers of the early nineteenth century. William Cobbett and Henry Hunt spent their lives fighting for justice, human rights and a reformed, democratic House of Commons. Both were imprisoned because of their beliefs and both became fiercely independent members of parliament. The issues, arguments and emotions resonate today. This is the story of the courage of two men against an oppressive state and the triumph of will power and determination in adversity.
384 pages, 21 pictures, including rare contemporary
caricatures and two colour plates.
Account of the Family
by Anne Cobbett.    £3 plus p&p £1.50
Anne, Cobbett’s eldest daughter, provides a fascinating account of the financial hardship and difficulties whish the family endured.
A CELEBRATION –   William Cobbett 1763-1835
Writer, Radical, Reformer, The Greatest Journalist of his age    £2.50 plus p&p £1.50

Edited by Stewart Edge, Katherine Stearn, Charles Stuart and Richard Thomas

William Cobbett, Romanticism and the Enlightenment
Edited by James Grand and John Stevenson
Published by Routledge.
Obtainable from / 9781848935426
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The Opinions of William Cobbett, edited by James Grande,
John Stevenson and Richard Thomas.
224 pages  978-1-4094-6432-7
234 x 156 mm Paperback
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